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Manatee rescued after frantic search - kafa88 - 09-08-2022

[Image: _126608560_ticofoundstrandedatthebeach-c...s.jpg.webp]

A runaway manatee named Tico which gave international rescue teams the slot slip for two months has been caught after a frantic international search.

Experts had feared for Tico's safety after he embarked on an unusual journey taking him more than 4,000km (2,500 miles) from the Brazilian waters where he had been released into the wild.

An operation that spanned multiple countries and sent rescuers scampering on planes, boats and cars in a race against time to save Tico's life had a happy ending on Monday when he was finally rescued off Venezuela's La Blanquilla island

It was veterinarians from Venezuela's environment ministry who finally managed to track the manatee through GPS and catch up with him.

It is not the first time Tico has been rescued. In October 2014, when he was a newborn, he was found stranded on Praia das Agulhas, in north-eastern Brazil, and taken in by Brazilian conservation NGO Aquasis.