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Do you have physical access to the router? If someone did hack your router and changed the password you should be able to reset your router if you have physical access.
That means that your machine can try 120,000 passwords a second by hashing your wordlist.Not sure what you mean about your second part with 16,388.
Due to popular demand and the rising transaction costs of BTC/ETH, I have implemented PayPal as a payment option. The Results Page will now display QR codes for Bitcoin and Ethereum and underneath th...
Hey Kiro, sorry for you trouble. I found your task and I verified the password matches the SSID and capture that you submitted. Is it possible that the password has changed? I have submitted you...
been away but now i am back. glad to see you back
You may have realized the has been down the past couple of months due to my negligence in forgetting to reregister the domain. We are back up and running at our new address now (http...
I agree. I'll be adding PMKID soon. Most likely by next month
Th3Ghost Wrote: (03-14-2020, 07:53 AM) --  I am happy to be first Publishers here  I hope to be a good member Thank you very much to everyone who tried or succeeded in cracking this hash htt...
Hell All,  Due to a server issue we have removed all tasks that have been submitted between January 20 and January 23. If you submitted a task during this time you will need to resubmit it. We apol...
You need to upload the hashfile to craxk
English only please.
Most likely impossible if using a password list like that. If the password is indeed random characters and 12 digits it will be that big.  You can use hashcat and brute force method to run that whi...
Hello all, with the Christmas holidays I had an issue with my server which I'll will not be able to resolve until Saturday December 28th. You can still post new jobs but they will not be run until the...
You didn't attach anything
You know you guys can create your own threads to get more traction.
Apologies for the delay. I sent you an email. Honestly the easiest and safest place to buy the most popular coins is coinbase,com At this time I don't accept Paypal because people can cancel the pa...
alright you should be okay to post .hccapx files now. If that doesn't work just zip the file and upload it.
BlindRadio, you didn't attach any file. Can you try again?
we use a custom wordlist with best64 rules which has around 4 Billion Hashes once complete. I know a favorite is still the "rockyou" wordlist but not sure how relevant it still is with many people ...
Just finished a soft launch of and tested out a small batch of WiFi hashes with some users. We currently have around a 20% success rate in cracking passwords and with some improvements I thin...